pic: An almost-finished robot!

Just a few more things to do tomorrow. The whips on top aren’t finalized yet (they still need more testing), but when they are they’ll be completely enclosed in some wire mesh tubing as a safety measure.

Oh, I’m beginning to realize why you were in the finals in MN the past two years… xD. Looking good, your robot looks a lot more complete than ours!

That looks like a really cool robot. I hope your regional is going to be web cast so I can see those whips in action. So where did you get that carabiner?

I’m not sure where we picked up the carabiner from, but it is industrial strength, and we have two stacked next to each other to ensure it can hold our robot and then some.

I was hoping to get a chance to get a look at this impressive machine this past Saturday. I guess I’ll have to cross the street at some point during the regional weekend and stop by your pit to get a closer look.

Good luck!

Unfortunately, we just had too much work left to do to justify taking it over there Saturday, Vikesrock. However, we got a lot of compliments on our practice robot - a basic frame with our prototype kicker and a hastily put together electrical board can do wonders!

I know how that is, our robot did not make the trip down to Eagan either.

We managed to break the kicker testing last night and the dribbler never really worked so ours still isn’t done. Nothing the withholding allowance and some work on Thursday shouldn’t be able to fix though.