pic: An outdoor Practice Area

The Practice area at the NYC Regional. Not warm but it stayed fairly dry.

I’m not seeing a light on that center goal… How did you all test camera operated shooters?

Also, How did the ground treat your drivetrains?

not sure but in the picture it looks like they have carpet in the area infront of the goal

This was in the New York, i think that they didn’t have any other place to put the practice area. Yes, it had the carpet, and no to the green light

Actually there was a green light in which was a spare for the authenitc field, we had collected it and packed it up saturday night, however many teams did use their own lights since i don’t think the FIRST light went up till friday.

Hopefully when the Bigger Arena is insured and confirmed a somewhat more sturdier and better practice field can be built (with help from some of the volunteers of course) so that more teams can benefit it instead of one or two teams at a time.

Is that one kid dressed like Mickey Mouse?

lol, I hadn’t noticed that kid.

The blurb I wrote with the pic states this is NYC. There is a carpet on the ground under and in front of the goals but the green vision light was not present until later on.

Hmm, okay didn’t know that lol alright lol thx for the correction

No, that’s just a regular NYC mouse.
Sometimes they get that big.
It’s probably the NYC water.
They’re cool, everyone is welcome at a FIRST regional.