pic: An overworked mentor...sorry Greg-:p

Well during the awards ceremony, the lack of sleep finally got to one of the two best fill-in mentors ever. After hours of strategy and scouting Greg finally decided to catch up with a short little nap.

Actually I think that’s where Greg crashed for the night. :smiley:

I went to dinner on Friday and Saturday with Greg, and each time I had to keep heckling and talking to him, just to keep him awake. Poor Greg must have been exhausted.

… so I just pestered him. :slight_smile:

Greg, for the record, you are probobly the first memeber of Team 25 to fall asleep, and not wake up covered in…somthing…


That’s only because he didn’t stay with them!

He did Thursday night. He’s just lucky we hadnt stopped at the dollar store.

Didn’t Greg not get in til about 3 in the morning.
Even you guys will eventaully sleep.

You would be suprised. :rolleyes:

You young kiddies don’t realize… you’re full of youth and energy!

Us old fogies can’t run on three minutes of sleep anymore. Greg’s getting to be an old guy… you have to make sure he takes his vitamins and ship him off to bed at 8:30 nowadays. :slight_smile:

Yeah, soon he’s going have to go out and get a 9 to 5 like the rest of us grown ups. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, I remember what it was like to feel that way. My first year as a FIRST mentor, I had pulled an all nighter the day before we were supposed to elave for competition because of how much school work I had for college. The problem was the night before I had only gotten 2 horus of sleep because I was also doing more work so I could take time away. The team I mentor is from a residential school where the students are not allowed to have cars, so I was one of the drivers (fortunately I drove only myself as everybody else fit in the minibus). So 3 hours later we get to the competition. We start setting up and when it is time for our first practice match we realize we have left the controllers at school. Given I was the most youthful of the mentors (and had the heaviest foot) I got to drive back 3 hours to get them and then tried to rush back in time for our last match, only to find out my rushing was in vane because my watch battery was dying and it was 2 hours later than I thought. I ended up passing out the minute we got to the hotel and still have no clue what fun and exciting things happened that night while I was dead to the world.

HAHAHA GREG! :stuck_out_tongue:

Loser! hahahaha
nice job corey!! <3333

some how i knew that this picture would end up on the chief and i was trying my best to think of a response but i just can;t think of anything…so i will submit to the tormenting and home that someday i will be able to redeem myself … :rolleyes:

btw mike anytime you want a break from 25 i would be glad to take them off your hands as it was a delight to spend time with them

Dont forget, before Greg went out to dinner he came and played about 45 minutes worth of Laser Tag…he did much better then most of us, so he couldnt have been that tired :yikes:

I know Greg had to have slept atleast a little during the night. I mean I did have to step over him in the morning just to get to bathroom to take a shower. I’m still not sure why he was on the floor. Maybe he was just exhausted from that awesome mentor round.