pic: And it's only the first day...

D@VE and John V'Neun goin at it… don't ask

…and some random idiot in the background.

(sorry ladies, he’s taken).

thats very, uh :frowning: , interesting, WHAT IS GOING ON?? :confused: ??

Looks like the mating dance of an exotic variety of arctic tern. :o (Sorry guys. :eek: )

wow… thats… well… special? :confused:

I don’t really remember.
I may have blacked out… but I’m fairly certain Dave was strangling me for some reason… shrug

Chris is just weird, hamming it up for the camera.

I think that was when I first walked in the room? Reaction, perhaps? :wink:

Thats quite frighting, I’m going to go hide now.

Just imagine how they’d be at the END of the six weeks!!! :smiley: