pic: ...and so it goes

After a 2am-er last night, I was "sick" today and we worked on the bot today until the very last possible second. It finally came together, though.

It sure was terrifying when our mentor took a speedbump a little too fast and I saw 6 long and full weeks of my life rock back and forth and almost splatter all over the road…


We had ten more minutes to work!?!

That the last time Dennis calls the shots regarding time :p.

And yes, I saw you driving a bit close, I thought you might wind up with some robot on your windshield… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah good ol’ Festo. It’s always fun to see a big box driving down the side of the road with a robot in it :slight_smile: Our team leader did the same for ours I believe last night. I’ll try to get some pictures of our bot this year and post it up here later tonight. Well, I guess we’ll see you guys in Long Island!

Hmmm…we were too busy working on last minute things to remember a camera. We actually had to be careful to make sure we got everyone off the robot before the crate closed. (though we thought of shipping the manufacturing and drive people in the hopes they could get more practice during the trip…we didn;t see anything in the rules against it!