pic: Andrew Rudolphs Competition Design


This is the wheel that Andrew Rudolph designed for a Konig Wheel Contest for new rims. Help him out by voting for this wheel. Its a very cool looking wheel and help represent a FIRSTER buy getting his rim design onto the production line.

Vote For Wheel Three here http://www.modified.com/konig-wheel-contest/

Thanks for anyone who has voted already @ modified.com/konig-wheel-contest/

Oh man thats so bad resolution dan-mando heres a real high rez for all yall (woo ha)

Just wanted to thank everyone who voted, I won!

Scan from the feb. issue of Modified Magazine.

That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see a picture of a completed set of these rims.

Cool! I voted for 'em, and I wanna see 'em too! Will they actually go into light production, or will they CNC a set just to honor the competition?

Congrats Andrew!!

That deserves a big OINK OINK BOOM!

Can we get a set to raffle off???:yikes:

Woot Andrew Rocks!

Andrew, get them painted “psycho green”