pic: Andy asks Jess!


At BattleCry today Ken Stafford of WPI reminded us all about the special relationships we form as members of the FIRST family… and then, Andy popped the question!

This has to be either Andy or Jessica’s sig!

CONGRATULATIONS ANDY!!! (did she say yes?)

It would be a classic black comedy moment if Jess said no with that smile on her face.

Yay! Congratulations you two!

HA! Yes, she said yes. It was a great speech, Andy was up since 4:30 this morning, was nervous as heck, but went through with it as planned, and Jess said yes.

His speech was very touching as well.

Those of us who knew it was going to happen (and some who didn’t but realized what was happening when Andy asked Jess to come out on the field - About 8 of us at least…) have some video, and we’ll try and get it uploaded soon.

Congratulations Jess & Andy!!!

May your stress in planning for the big day be little, and your life ahead of you continue to be awesome!!! :slight_smile:

Wow, I run home Friday night for a family obligation today, and this is what I miss!

Congrats guys, and it’s about time :smiley:

You know Andy, you just had to pick the one FIRST event up here that we couldn’t be at to propose didnt you?

Congrats you two!

so we’re all invited to the big day right?!:yikes:

Congrats, and best wishes. That was probably the coolest proposal I’ve heard of (or seen), and a crowning moment at BC8.

Ooh yay!! :smiley: Congratulations you two!!

The couple that robots together stays together! Congratulations!

I’d say wedding is next year – the end of April is nice – in, oh, say, Atlanta? Good news is you wouldn’t have to send out invites for all your friends. Bad news, you’d have to order plenty of cake…


Well, this brings a new meaning to the facebook group “I want to get married on Einstein” ;). Congratulations you two!!!

I was half expecting her to use the clipboard on poor Andy, but she didn’t! :slight_smile: I wish all FIRST competition finals were as romantic!

Gee, I wonder if AndyMark has a wedding gift registry?

Congratulations you 2.

Congratulations Andy and Jess! :slight_smile:

Congratulations Jess and Andy!!:smiley:

Congrats! (hey Jess-you can pick up your present at the chiefdelphi webhug…)


Congratulations you guys! I am liking the wedding idea in Atlanta but I bet mom has different plans. Congrats to mom and dad as well. I just love to see happy people!

Congratulations Jessica and Andy.
This is a beauty of a FIRST story.

Congratulations Jessica and Andy!