pic: Andy Baker joins team Bar-Lok

After many years of fighting us, and being a non-believer, we have finally converted the unconvertable! In a Gael Force past and present tradition, Mr. Baker recieved his first bag of real Bar-Loks at Championships from Timmy Baird, Colleen Shaver, and myself. As you can read directly on the bag…they are not cable ties…they are Bar-Loks. And now Baker agrees! Kinda…

Wouldn’t that more appropriately be “Bahhhh-Lok” up your way Grady? Seems to me like this conversation, with all of its history/pathology, can easily be explained with three simple facts:

  1. This is a Kleenex/tissue debate
  2. New Englanders usually misname and mispronounce things, we just accept it.
  3. They’re Zip-Ties anyway!!!

[Ducks and runs for cover :)]

It looks like Andy’s got a little bit of the Mick Jagger pout thing going on with that “lower lip” of his. :smiley:

Did you give him that “25’ Wicked Awesome 9-Pin Male-to-Female D-Subminiature Serial Communication Facilitator” as well??? :slight_smile:

It was so much fun to finally pull this off. I’ve meant to bring a bag for years, but always forgot until this year.

Now 7ish years worth of debates are over! :wink:
Thanks for being a good sport, Baker.

Zip Tie

Bar lok

Zip-ties, or at worst, cable ties (THE BAG EVEN SAYS CABLE TIES!!! :wink: )
Bar-loks? No way!

I come from CT and I buy my Zip Ties at Tag Sales and on the way home I stop somewhere & eat a Grinder and drink some Soda.

End of story.

Ya, he’ll probably never really call them Bar-Loks, they’ll always be good ole zip-ties.

You are supposed to ignore that part on the bag that says cable ties. They are in fact BAR-LOKS!

Darn you people are stubborn!

There Andy is this better. It doesn’t say cable ties anymore.


MikeM. proud supporter of the BAR-LOK

A Bar Lock is what you use to keep them out of the booze.

Now why does it say that on the bag of zip ties Andy is holding ? :confused:

:stuck_out_tongue: Don

So what’s all the fuss about that bag of Tyraps?
(another country heard from)

they are not zip ties or bar-loks…they are tie wraps!!!

Well, this is the first I’ve ever heard of this debate. (First I’ve ever heard of “Bar-Lok”, for that matter. :)) If this were a poll, I would vote “zip tie”. :stuck_out_tongue:



Edit: I just did a quick search for a poll but didn’t find one, we must be slipping.

Let’s settle this once and for all.



At the IRI, we will only allow zip-ties on the robots. There will be a specific rule banning anything called a “bar-lok” - plan accordingly.

we buy Zip-Ties just about everywhere

i would also like to point out that eveery establshment in the city that has tried to sell “Grinders” has gone out of business, while the companies that sell **SUB SANDWICHES **continue to thrive.

and we don’t drink soda, we drink Cokes (even if it is a Pepsi).

Anyone else notice that Andy has a modified Joe Matt pose going on in this picture?