pic: Andy Baker sign

I got bored so i took an old sign i had and taped some paper over it. i printed “baker” in all caps and just taped it on.

My platform:

A 1/4 pound of bacon in every frying pan.

(btw… Stephen, your cat-bell skills are most impressive.)


We couldn’t get Andy to run for office last night so good luck.

Looks like he was holding out for a paid position.

Can’t say I blame him.

Daily? Weekly? Yearly? I only ask because of xkcd’s take on bacon. In my case, that vertical dashed line came later in life. :o

He would have my vote!

he has my vote too

and thank you andy… i continue to beat (inanimate) cats with drum sticks

That’s my kind of campaign promise!

Andy gets my vote !!! :smiley:

Exploding or regular type?

i hope exploding


we should see automated bacon machines popping up everywhere. you will press the button and receive bacon, its that easy.


no exceptions!

With Baker as president, we could be sure that turkeys would be a thing of the past at the Thanksgiving dinner table.


btw that is a sign running for senate not president

rtfgnow, that’s amazing. acdc, that’s disgusting. [/vegetarianism]

SHHHHHH! If you tell them that, we’ll NEVER get our bacon (exploding or non-exploding)!


Sorry, but I found this. This bacon obsession may have gone too far.

If we put Mentos in it, then it could be exploding.

hmm… i could see that

they would argue about how to escape the can… eventually they would get so angry they all exploded.

but mcmaster doesnt sell cans that big… i think we could use some aluminum sheeting, we must test this theory!

I love bacon(and AB, so I guess when I turn 18, I’ll vote!!)

Yes, but what’s Baker’s stance on health care? Is the bacon included??? :yikes:

energy crisis? meat cars… (kingdom of loathing fans should be laughing)