pic: Andy comes to Canada.

It was great that Andy and Mark stopped by to help us set up on Friday. My only question is : What is going on in Andy’s head???

I personally think it’s obvious what’s on his mind. He’s plotting world domination, and it begins with Canada. He just saw part 1 of his plan go through, and he’s holding back an evil cackle, or bwahahahaha, or what have you.

I concur with ^

He was just probably giving karthik that look after he saw steve pulling up karthik’s kilt. :slight_smile: … Andy wanted his turn next. :wink:

What was 'Supplier Summit 2005"?

Just remember he was at the Battlebots event the day before and was hoping to see a robot explode or something and was thinking abotu how much cooler the game would’ve been with massive hammers in the corners to defend the goals there.

nope he was in Canada before he was at battlebots

Run to the light dude! Pretty soon you will be putting vinegar on your french fries and dying you hair. Come back…come back…come back…


Mark Koors and I made a road trip this past weekend. Our main goal was to visit the BattleBots competition in Rochester to seek new customers for our AndyMark business. We demonstrated some products and made some great contacts. Also, we supported the Tetracide team as they competed.

Along the way, we stopped in at Toronto on Friday to see some friends and help setup for the Wonderland FIRST competition.

Along this trek, we discovered these things:

  1. It’s only an 8 hour drive from Kokomo to Toronto.
  2. Crossing over to Canada and getting back is fairly easy, especially at the crossing points of Port Huron, MI and Niagra, Ont.-NY.
  3. More teams need to attend the Wonderland off-season event. It is a great place to host a FIRST competition.
  4. Hotel rates in Toronto are inexpensive.
  5. Dinosaur BBQ in Rochester is excellent.
  6. The X-Cats (team 191) have an awesome shop.
  7. We have some new friends in the Rochester area.
  8. FIRST is well-respected among Battlebots competitors.
  9. Battlebots is an exciting, fun competition to watch.
  10. A good spinner robot can do a massive amount of damage to its opposing robot.

As for the “FIRST Supplier Summit”, it was a meeting among possible suppliers to FIRST which took place back in August. Essentially, it was a meeting where FIRST challenged, “what can you put in the Kit for free?”

Andy B.

Obviously, Andy is attempting not to laugh at Karthik’s rediculous story about a cab ride …

What, you didn’t know that? The reigning UK Robot Wars Champion is a spinner (named Typhoon)

we were very scared of the spinners, just never knew how harsh they are. that’s why i have an amazing idea for a middleweight spinner. :smiley: :smiley:

Yup … he’s still smirking even though that story was told way back in April in the hotel bar in Atlanta … (at least that was the first time I heard it) … :smiley:

Sure sounds like a summit for FIRST suppliers or potential FIRST suppliers to get together and talk about and/or to support FIRST

Whoa now Al…since when has the addition of vinegar to french fries been Canadian?

And what is wrong with being Canadian anywho??

No no no. Gravy and cheese on the fries is Canadian!!! Poutine, yummy!!

Andy?? Who the heck is Andy??!!


Perhaps he meant putting gravy (poutine) on french fries? Gag.

Ya know, I love Canada and the Canadian people, but there are some things you just shouldn’t do to potatoes. KETCHUP potato chips? BLAH.

Because I went to college so close to the Canadian border, I’m very familiar with the poutine. :wink:

When we were visiting the Toronto Regional this year, Adrienne and I made Ken Patton try one, I’m pretty sure he was wowed.

Gravy? Cheese? Fries? What isn’t there to love?

Sorry to burst your bubble Travis, but we have those stateside as well. I agree that they are gross but you can find them at your local convienance store in Maine. :ahh: :stuck_out_tongue: