pic: Andy Getting into the Tetra Spirit


Haha…one of Andy's crazy team builders. Despite the low picture quality, you can clearly see he's excited about the upcoming season.

<ducks and hides>

I can bet he was thinking…“why am I the one with this thing on my head???” but hey what ever gets him and his design team in the spirit! :yikes:

aw man, he stole the act i was going to do at tomorrow’s team meeting. Curse you Andy Baker, always staying one step ahead of everyone. That tetra on his head must be giving him the power to do the new trend before it becomes popular, lol.

McCoy… it is going to be a looong season. You’ll get yours. :slight_smile:


Andy looks like he was really enjoying the tetra headgear!
Wow, can’t you just see the tetra headgear sales going through the roof now!

Memo to self (start working on the marketing plan for the tetra headgear)

Remember everyone will need 2 (one red and one blue),
No better yet, make it so it is reverseable or multi-colored.

Oh the possibilities!

w w w . t e t r a g e a r . c o m

headwear, keychains, car toppers, christmas tree ornaments… cha ching!



Are you going to just steal the idea or does Andy get royalties?

Maybe the royalties will amount to so much that he never has to work another day in his life and can now devote all his time to robotics and getting on survivor!!!

Well, I was thinking we could use the proceeds to buy CBS.

Once we’re in charge, we could rename “Survivor” to “Survivor with Andy Baker”. (along the lines of “Special Report with Britt Hume” and “The Late Show with David Letterman”)