pic: Andy Grady at UTC

Apparently Andy has a tradition of getting to the competition 45+ minutes early on friday morning… i felt bad for him, so i brought him a chair… here he is (in the snow) at 7:15am friday at the UTC Regional…

Go Andy!

Good folks, the guy you see here is probably the wisest person in all of FIRST with regard to game history, competition strategy development, and FIRST robot design history. He is a regular encyclopedia of FIRST.

Other people claim to know FIRST trivia, but Andy is the man.

I believe that he will be in Atlanta, ready to sign autographs.

I’m just proud to have the same first name as Grady.

the other Andy

“So Mr. Grady, how does it feel to be an ex ‘unsung First hero’?”


you da man andy;) hopefully you will be voicing your announcement skills up here this year

…mumblemumble crazy northeast weather, stupid snow mumblemumble…

hrmn… I’ve heard about these ‘announcement skills’… maybe he should visit IRI and try a few? It’ll be up to the Midwesters to decide between him and the three greats, Dan Greene, Paul Copioli, and Dave Verbrugge. (pssst, that was a challenge… come on down. :wink: )

I’m just glad that I got one of those limited edition “Andy Loves Hanson” buttons at UTC - well, technically I got it at the Bowling Alley on Thursday night. Hehehe…

The wheel of time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories of high school students turning into mentors, and mentors into heroes, and heroes into legends. Individuals may not be important when memories start fading away, but legends are the ones that remain in the people’s heart in the ages to come… Like the legend of the “wisest man in all of FIRST”…

But to understand the true meaning of being a legend, you have to understand that they are really people deep inside all the glory and fame, just like you and me. A lone man sitting in front of the doors leading to all that is good in humanity, guarding the place against food or beverage that people may have brought from outside, despite the snow raining on his face and the wind that chills every bone in his body. This is a brave man giving thumbs up just to show that he is not afraid of the future the wheel of time will bring him. This is a man just like you and me.

But men will become legends when they successfully climb over mountains after mountains. This is a man who will keep on announcing at FIRST competitions, off season competitions, and eventually pre-ship events… This is a man who will overcome all difficulties in the world of FIRST, and become someone who will be known forever in the history of time beyond the ages of FIRST… This is a man, name Andy Grady…

Wow, I had no clue that a silly little tradition would gather so much praise from everyone. Its actually pretty funny how it all has occured over the years. The morning wait actually started way back when I was in high school with Gael Force. The GF Strategy crew would take the earliest possible bus to the fields at Epcot so we could get the best possible seats. When the New England Regional moved to the Meadows, it became necessary to show up early in order to get booths for strategy. Overtime, it just carried on and on. We used to have a group of like 5 or 6 team members who would show up like an hour before the pits opened. This year, I was by myself for one day, and with my friend and teamate Tom Lish for the second day. Its a dying tradition, but one we shall uphold as long as we are involved!

Thank you all for the wonderful comments, you all rock!

See you at the Georgia Dome…one hour before the pits open :wink:

-Andy Grady

p.s. Amanda, one of these days I would love to do a cameo announcing for IRI. But for now, keep an eye out…you never know what competition you might find me at…or even more interestingly…how soon you might find me there :wink:

thats why Andy rocks so hard and puts his heart,soul, and a chance of catching a cold for our team and thats great!Thanks Andy! :smiley:

Hey maybe Andy should bring a copy of The Hockey News and study up on the upcoming NHL playoffs while he is waiting :wink:

Man I could never do that. Im not much of a morning person…especially when I try to sleep through the AM whenever I get a chance :wink: I can’t remember how many times I’ve woken up around 10 minutes before the team leaves for the competition site…in fact I think JVN knows the feeling too…remember IRI? :smiley:

That was SOOOO not my fault.
shakes head

Hahaha… Hey John, there’s a robotics competition going on down the street :wink:

… But it was pretty funny. :wink:

So, 6:30 am it is huh Andy??

Or, are you going for 6:00 (an hour before breakfast at the Stadium?)

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