pic: Andy Grady Master GA @ Battlecry 11

Volunteers like Andy make FIRST work.

Hmm, I didn’t notice that Andy was being attacked by a giant orange squid from up on the production balcony… We’ll have to eradicate this problem for next year!

It’s pictures like this that make my day. Seriously.

Also, I couldn’t help but hear over the webcast that Andy had to leave to go to a prom. What steps need to be taken to have Andy come announce at our prom?

PROM? Haha, I wonder who would trust him to be a chaperon?!?! :wink:

Andy Grady is one of the best emcees and was the one who dubbed 1915 as MAYHEM Mechanical for the weekend! :slight_smile:

Chaperon? Pssshh, I would just love to see him walk around making random commentary in his announcer voice in an Andy Grady like fashion

And yes, he is probably my favorite GA in FIRST.

I can just imagine Andy giving a play-by-play at prom.

“Young man in the striped tux walks slowly over toward the girl in the corner. He offers a dance…She accepts! It’s good! Moving onto the finals!” :rolleyes:

He was DJ’ing a prom…at what point would he play “Thunderstruck”? I can’t imagine what would be on the playlist!

“Wooooo half way there, wooooo living on a prayer!” :rolleyes:

He’d just need to go through that playlist they have on reserve for when the field doesn’t work about three times and he’d be set. :rolleyes: