pic: Andy Grady

Quite possibly one of the goofiest pictures of me ever taken…me in mid-pitch with my tongue sticking out and a really dumb look on my face. This is a picture from an online magazine for a Wiffleball league I play in.

Very nice pic Grady.

Well i think its clear that this is the next photo that every1 should photoshop…
im sure you could turn this into something good :smiley:

Haha, we don’t need a Photoshop contest to photoshop this picture :smiley:

Speaking of which… when is the next photoshop contest?

I’m very impressed with the ridiculous-ness of it all

Never mind Photoshop Contest, what about a caption contest? :stuck_out_tongue:

Andy [to himself]: “That’s it, we’re up against the Beatty of the wiffleball world. But fear not youngins! For you shall learn a lesson today called ‘Wicked Awesome New England Defense’!”

I was thinking more of a blowing raspberries sort of thing

It looks like Andy in throwing the same pitch that he dared people to hit at nationals. It is a wicked pitch that drops a foot infront of the plate (when its over the plate ;)).

a Wiffleball LEAGUE!?!?!

/packs up to move to NH

yeah i am definitley gonna have to get in on this wiffle ball league so who wants to start an all first team??