pic: AndyMark 6in Right Mecanum Wheel

This is AndyMark’s 6in Right Mecanum Wheel. I started with the .step file available online, and then edited the material properties. I was curious about PhotoView 360, and this is the result. What do you think?

Me Gusta :3

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Did you turn on ambient occlusion? It almost looks like you may have, but if you didn’t definitely turn it on and you’ll see quite a difference. I have created some very realistic views, even without using Photoview 360 and just using normal solidworks realview graphics. It could be the view angle and lighting that makes it look the way it does. You could also change the mapping size of the material appearances too, which can help show material “flaws” and textures better and give it a more realistic appearance.

I usually get real good results from Photoview 360 when you compare to its autodesk equivalent. I’ve tricked my boss by taking a photo of the actual product in a white booth, then rendering an image in photo view and asking him which one was the “Real” one. It’s amazing how far the technology has come.

I wish I could use the realview feature, however my Intel graphics do not support it.

virtual material flaws…now that’s interesting.


This is a bad example, but it shows a real view solidworks rendering (in this case, a nozzle) next to a picture I took of an actual existing part. In this particular case, i took the picture to highlight the fact that the drawings do not represent the final product (as you can see there are some profile differences). But none-the-less you can see that, without using any fancy “photoworks” or “photoview 360” package, you can still get fairly decent renders using standard screen shots from solidworks. All i did was turn realview graphics on and got rid of my black tangency lines.