pic: Andymark 8

There Andymarks have two regionals, Champs and a two mile parade on them. Looks good enough to go to Where’s Wolcott without repair. Thanks AndyMark!

Man, those are in great shape, especially having been through concrete. Our AM 6" Plactions having been through prototyping, 2 regionals, and nationals, and they’re in great shape. We didn’t even have to deal with the treads coming off. Although I do hope we get to take it through a 2 mile parade? Battery swaps must’ve been fun during the parade.

Parade was downhill this year. Since it was tethered we did not do a lot of side to side work, but I am still amazed at the tread wear. Only one battery change. Had to do it while it was moving. We carried it for a couple of minutes until everything came back on-line.