Pic: AndyMark booth

Andy Baker manning the AndyMark display of products


I see a lot a new and exciting products on that table. Any idea when we might see some of them on your website? How 'bout a 6" Mecanum? We were very happy with your products last year, and look forward to the possible use of them again!



Thanks, Ben.

We will have these new products on our AndyMark.biz website within a week or two:

  1. 6" diameter billet aluminum “Performance Wheel” (6" dia. x 1" wide tread, 0.8 lbs each, 1/2" hex bore, and w/ 6 #10-32 sprocket mounting holes, $59)

  2. 6" and 8" diameter aluminum omni-wheels (same profile and rollers as the polycarbonate omni-wheels, $47 for 6" and $55 for 8")

  3. 8" steel framed, “Coolie Dualie” omni wheel, $55

  4. New and improved AM Planetary gearbox, with new bearings, improved planet gears, and a cap that adapts to more motors, $98

  5. 25 series aluminum plate sprockets, prices to be determined.

Currently, we don’t have plans for a 6" Mecanum Wheel. If the demand for the 8" set is high enough, maybe this will be something we will develop for next year.

Andy B.

I spent alot of time with Andy at ramp riot and thought that I would share my initial reviews of his new products.

1)performance wheel - very high quality machining. It comes with a .5" hex bore for live axle use, but also comes with the 1.875" bolt hole pattern for dead axle use(you will need to re-bore the center for this on your own). Overall they look great, and AM has definitely optimized for strength and weight. They use the wedge or waffle top belts, and attach through holes for rivets. If you want a live axle option these will work great right out of the box. I am a little concerned about teams without a lathe being able to use these on a dead axle, even though that option exists. I guarantee you will see these on winning robots this year.

2)Aluminum omni wheel - 3 laser cut plates of aluminum making up these wheels, similar construction to the original “trick wheel” but with the same rollers as the plastic ones last year. These are very similar in weight to the plastic omni’s we saw last year, which really makes them a step up. Any teams concerned about breaking the plastic wheels should go with these. The one thing that should be noted about these, is that only 1 bearing goes through them. This means that you will need to put a bearing in the sprocket to get full wheel support. Overall that is not a major dilemma as all of their aluminum sprockets are pre-bored for a press fit of a 3/8 bearing. I know I will be buying at least 4 of these in the near future.

  1. “Coolie Daile” - When i first saw these I was really confused but now that i understand them they have great potential. They use a “bent tab” construction out of a single stamped piece of metal (similar to the Mecanum wheels). With this bent tab, they are able to put 2 rows of the standard AM roller in for a smoother ride then the other omni wheels. Just like their other wheel products they have a hole for a 3/8 bearing and the 1.875 bolt hole pattern. Similar to the new aluminum omni wheels these require you to put a bearing in your sprocket as well.

4)AM planetary gearbox - a single gearbox for the, FP, GLOBE, CIM, and muchabi, all in one…wow. There is an extra bearing stacked inside to accommodate larger cantilevered load. Wait for the specs on these for gear reductions and torque. If I would compare these to the bane bots, just on manufacturing quality alone, bane bots is a ford crown Vic while these are a Porshe. They will both get you there but one will do it with style.

  1. aluminum sprockets - lots of sizes and a good way to cut weight in those final hours. If prices are reasonable this should be a no brainer for most teams.

Even before Andy mentioned the new products, I had realized there was something new just from the picture. The 6" omniwheel is next to the Mecanum wheel on the right, seeing the barrel-shaped rollers. The “Coolie Dualie” wheel is on the right, with the double rows of bent aluminum tabs with rollers. That’s resting on top of the 8" omniwheel. The AM servo shifter is next to the left-hand side Mecanum wheel.

There are two things that I cannot identify from the picture, and maybe someone can help me. Behind the left-side Mecanum wheel there is some kind of circular aluminum object, which I assume to be the new performance wheel. The other thing I don’t recognize, (even from Andy’s description) is the black toothed object on the far left corner of the table, in front of the single speed transmission, as well as the same black object behind the AM shifter. :confused:

Either way, the new designs will definitely be useful to next years game. The picture is worth a thousand words! :slight_smile:

My only guess is that it’s one side of a plastic omniwheel, probably the side that faces inward given the lack of ridges to it.

Yep, you are correct. Billfred, you have a keen eye.


On behalf of Team 341, we just want to thank Andy Baker and Mark Koors for visiting with us and for bringing these amazing products to display.
Each year at Ramp Riot we try to bring not only fun but a sense of purpose to the event.

Having AndyMark there, displaying and explaining their products gives teams a chance to carefully consider design elements on their future machines.

We also once again thank AndyMark for helping rookie teams by sponsoring our Team in a Box DVD.

It was also just great fun having you guys at the event.

Thanks for visiting!!

Al Ostrow
Team 341

OK, I didn’t look at their stuff too much, but I got to meet them both! Andy and Mark - FIRST icons! (why didn’t I think to get their autographs???) :smiley:

I can get them for you! :smiley: