pic: Andymark's New Product

Hello CD,

Well, I talked to AndyMark about using the Floating Zip Tie Chain Tensioner Idea created by me; found in this thread: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=68849. AndyMark agreed and now this will be available before the season starts and I would like to thank everyone for helping me in the design. Also thanks CD for urging me to market this idea.

Thanks CD once again,



I understood the original concept, but what are the curved up tabs sticking out the sides for in this design?
I will refrain from my next comment about those tabs before I hear their purpose, since I assume they have one.

I don’t know if this is the intent, but they seem perfect as hooks for a rubber band on each side of the tensioner pairs.

Bingo… rubber bands or o-rings will fit on those hooks.

We hope to get this completed by December 1.

Thanks to RC and team 1323 for letting us partner with them on this project.

Andy B.

Congrats on a huge accomplishment RC.

Can’t wait to see what else you come up with in the future.

Nice, I know we’re going to buy a few. They seem like a very cheap and effective way of tensioning chains.

These gonna be available for both #25 and #35 hopefully? I’m assuming these will be molded. Has a material been picked yet? Polycarb? Delrin?

Question mark?

It’s designed to work with either size. Check out the dual-step profile of the chain groove.

wow thats great now i just need to come up with something

any idea on price?

The material will be UHMW and it will be molded. I think the price will be between $10-15 and I don’t know for sure. The price will probably change.

So is that for a pair? A single one? two pairs?

thanks, Vivek

That is a pair sir.

a pair as in two or a pair as in two sets of two

a pair as in two of what is pictured; enough to tension one run of chain.

Very Nice RC, now only if I could come up with something. Lol.

Certainly cheaper than tensioners that you can get from McMaster-Carr… that’s a huge bonus.

We’ll definitely be buying them. Only worry that comes to mind is if there’s enough material to take the wear and tear without “wearing through”? The tensioners we made ourselves out of Delrin probably had a 1/2" of solid backing and I’ll bet we wore through 1/8" of it. Looks like there might only be 1/8" there, but it’s hard to tell w/o dimensions. Have you done any testing on wear?


UHMW is a harder plastic than delrin. Our Mcmaster Carr ones only wore 3/16th’s and we used them for almost 2 years.

not in all cases. standard uhmw is around 66 shore D while Delrin is around 86 shore D

Since these are both plastics which can contain glass filling, other materials, recycled plastic it is not wise to make generalizations about materials. Especally in this case where you didn’t state the exact material which these are molded and the exact type of delrin they used.

On another note, I am not sure that hardness is the correct measure for effective chain tensioners. I would think it has to do with the lubricity of the material and the ductility. While hardness probably comes into play (ie why gum rubber wouldn’t be a good tensioner) It is not the only (or possibly the main one) which needs to be considered.