pic: Animation Disappointment

This is the final version of the electronics. It is running: fans spinning, LEDs on. It was originally going to be used for my team’s animation “What FIRST means to you.” Now that is gone, new ideas and new models. The materials aren’t quite right, but it’s all good. And just for clarification, nothing was made using Inventor or the First CAD Library, everything was hand measured by me and made in 3ds Max. Why you ask? Because I am dumb and didn’t know about the FCL since I never needed it before. :slight_smile:

Hey, I am willing to bet you a nickel that you learned something new. Great job, this is amazing work!

That is ridiculously awesome. Excellent work… you have a great deal of talent.

That’s dissapionting?
I hate to see what your good work looks like.
Scared of you.

I believe he was dissapointed because he can’t use it in the animation this year.

Anyway, that looks really good!

That’s correct, I can’t use it, or I think that I can’t. I haven’t gotten any ideas for “Think green.” So I’m bummed.

Thank you for all of your kind words.
Wait to see what I post next. :smiley:
RIP Breaker Panel

awesome job, as always!


The only problem I see is that appears to be an old radio…the new radio might take up the entire board when you put it on there!! :wink:

it is amazing.
By the way a lot of the parts that you made and mesured aren’t avalable from the FCL. most of the connectors aren’t in it yet.