pic: Annapolis Ramp Lint

This is the stuff that was swept up from under the ramps after Friday’s qualification rounds.

Hey look i think i see some pieces from our red light.(anyone who saw it explode got a treat. we have it all on tape too :P) Luckily we rebuilt the light so it was still usable. yay.

I think those chain connector links are ours…at least we got the chain our from under there.

The piece of orange foam in the upper right corner.
It’s a piece of a ‘Fun Noodle’ aka - our bumper!

A lot of those screws are ours from our drill transmissions! The 280 point round we had both drills simply took so much torque they… well, we found them all over the floor. Most of them.

Just FYI…

when we took the ramps apart after the regional…there were even more parts…hehe…


Oh, man. That’s a lot of pieces…

I wonder if we could get some of the stuff back

wow looks like there was alot of fun around the ramp

That C-shaped piece of PVC to the immediate left of the rightmost 686 tag is from our robot.

We haven’t figured out where it came from, though.

how did some of that stuff get under there? To my knowledge there is no open-space more than about a square inch (holes in the mesh).

hey, that looks like a 5/16-18 nut on the right, HEY THATS MINE!!! lol looks like you get lots of stuff if you clean up.

once again, awesome event, hope to see 2 fields next year, now that would be amazing.

That’s a funny picture.

Well at least one team, 686, can be traced back to that mess.

wow you’d think zip ties were popular ;)…is that some “decorative” duck tape i see? hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay linganore and their cow tags. So many were given out who really knows what team manage to stash a few under the ramp.

*Originally posted by M. Krass *
**That C-shaped piece of PVC to the immediate left of the rightmost 686 tag is from our robot.

We haven’t figured out where it came from, though. **

I told you you were missing a spacer from your right rear axel.


I've got the screw with two diffrent shear points.

any drill motor tranie parts are ours

Wow… Just wow, at BAE to my Knowledge all that was under the bridge was zip ties, a few nuts and some square pieces of rubber that came off wheels, namely the black one that came in the kit that had the thin tread down the middle, I recall watching one team trying to drive up the bridge while pushing another bot but all I saw was there wheels being cut apart.

That large PVC nut belongs to team 53. We had our deployable casters down when we were pushed into the ramp. We replaced then the next day. At leat the PVC broke and not our pnuematics!

I bet you could build robot with just those parts… (ok, so maybe you’ll need a few electronic components)


Anyone who wants their robot back from the Phoenix regional just let us know. We’ll send it in a jar right away. We caused all your pieces to end up down their so we thought to be nice we’d collect them for you.