pic: Annie - Team 3061 2014


6 Cim 6 wheel WCD on 4 inch performance wheels, 2 speed dog shifting- 7 and 20.5 Feet per second

Incredibly low (Under 8 inches) center of gravity

Pneumatic catapult shooter with ultrasonic rangefinding. Accurate and consistent.

Versatile and fluid collector arm has both roller and clamps. Allows us to receive inbounds easily, collect over a wide variety of angles and up 13.5 inches off center, and catch.

Vision targeting for hot goal

Two pass modes - along ground and “kick” out of frame above bumper height.

High trajectory shot makes for easy truss passes.

2 ball autonomous ( 40 point currently, 45 point in development)

See you all at Midwest and Lake Superior!

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