pic: Anonymous Teaser #2

Same as before – sent to me via e-mail, no it’s not 148 or 47. I will let the team give us their identity when they are ready.

And as before, if any other teams want to trust me with their teaser, I’ll gladly do any others this year. There’s only one guideline: show us the whole robot … not a little tiny piece of it. Send it to me via e-mail and I’ll upload it.


so they must be human player fed, and it looks like the dump with pnuematics at least i think that is what is going on.:confused:

Looks nice, I can’t tell if that’s a hand crank on the side though…

could it possibly be rage? The sheet metal work looks similar

Thanks Brandon, posting anonymous teasers is great! All the things we can think about… east coast, west coast, international? Rookie or X year veteran? Team number?

This looks like a veteran team. The electronics are done wonderfully- they even have a RSL mounted! That huge cylinder will need multiple air tanks. The basket is very nicely done.

Great job team!

Also notice the copious amounts of what appears to be high quality (baltic birch) plywood.

You better pray that tipping does not exceed the max dimensions. Otherwise, a very cool execution of the standard dumpbot.

I don’t know, I can’t remember Rage having anything but a red plywood chassis.

Is that a 4-bar setup that moves the bin back before tilting it forward? (linkage being what the ball is partially covering?)
Looks like 1/8" aluminum plate?? How heavy is it?

I don’t think they have ever not had a plywood chassis either but who knows. Either way, there is some nice sheet metal work on this bot. I will be interested to see how effective this strategy is.

It’s official, this is RAGE as seen on the Suffield Shakedown webcast. Didn’t get to see it score though, so no idea how it works yet. They managed to amass a good number of balls in that hopper.

I’m a little scared that I knew it was Rage so quickly. HAHA. Perhaps I’m too involved…

Now the question is why didn’t they use wood? It seems like a perfect year for it.

I asked Jeff about that at Suffield Shakedown, he said don’t worry the real one is wood and may have some other surprises as well that this version pictured here doesn’t…