pic: Another Beetleweight Update

Added weapon propulsion system, converted drive pods to treads, and (most obviously) changed the weapon from overhead bar to shell spinner. Also (less important) changed the name to The Star Spangled Slayer. As always questions/comments/concerns are appreciated!

What’s it made of?? You got a cad/bom? Seems really cool.

Why thank you! The body is majority nylon, the weapon shell is 6061 Aluminum, and the teeth are S7 tool steel. I may put up a BOM when its done

Initial impressions:
I might go with larger bevels on the cutouts of your spinning dish. Those inside corners are going to be huge stress risers when it hits things.

I might consider 4 spokes rather than 3, so that the hitting blades are directly supported. You might get some wierd twisting during contact with the one that isn’t on a spoke.

Paper Plate of Pain seems like a potential name as well.

I think you mean “most important”

Captain Shrederator v2 = “The Star Spangled Shredder”

It’s entirely possible the new shell (not the one pictured) is a scaled down copy…


Welp, since this thing is hopelessly overweight for a beetleweight I have decided to make a 12lb multibot called Team USA.