pic: Another Drive for CD.

6" wheels, 6 Cims, 8.25:1 & 18.75:1. 2 center wheels are 1/16" bellow outer wheels. I also plan to move the output shaft in line with the motors as well, putting it below the inner plates.

Looks like a great start!

Few comments:

  1. Why are the gearboxes not symmetrical? It doesn’t seem like your cbore’n the holes so you could assemble two different gearboxes with the same components. Similar to the gearbox below.

Poofs PTO guy from 2013 - http://puu.sh/907Xp/226027b712.jpg

  1. It seems as your direct driving the center wheel, why not use VersaPulleys (Larger Diameter) to save cost and load the belts less?

  2. Do you have a Versahub + bearing on each wheel? I can’t see if there a bearing supporting the other end of the wheel.

  3. Also outer wheels could be dead vs live. You could get rid of the versahub and move bearings into the wheel/pulley.

  4. Any reason for not jumping down to 4" wheels?

The gearboxes and plates are interchangeable between sides by flipping them about one of their axis’s I just chose the put the same assembly in. I didn’t feel like mirroring it that day so yes it could be arranged in either manner.

The wheels each have a versa hub on the inside and one or two 30t vex pro pulleys on the inner two and outer four wheels respectively. The pulley size was more to get the wheel spacing I wanted in terms of belt spacing.

Originally my idea with was to make something with more ground clearance for use outdoors however, at some point I realized this setup had some constraints which wouldn’t allow how much I wanted so I just said whatever and stuck with the 6". Figured I’d see where it brought me and do another one later. As it is 4" wheels could be added in.

I believe that you could increase your drop center a bit, 1/16 is too low, 971 uses 3/16, maybe you want to use that.
Do you know if those vex traction wheels have holes to rivet down the tread or you have to use their diamond shaped tread?

I don’t remember if they have holes predrilled, but if not, it’s easy to drill holes yourself for tread attachment. We’ve used them with roughtop tread for the last two years.

You can either use VexPro’s Traction Tire (Vex P/N 217-2860 for 6"), or drill holes to rivet your own tread.