pic: Another one for CD Photoshop

Basically… here's the logic behind the madness…
Tytus is/was on 179 Swamp thing, which is very…green.
Now take the Eiffel 65 Song and mix them together with some info that I got from someone at regionals (they said people used to chant that out)and … WHAM Photoshop!

For CD Photoshop Contest

and…I wasn't going to post this…Adam made me.

Hey! An Eiffel 65 lyric! Woot! :]

Hey Michelle, while we’re on the whole embarass Adam streak, how does Adam dance?

Nice job anyway

Woaho…wait…Who said we’re on an “Embarass Adam Streak” anyway?

I don’t know how he dances…

this is how LOL

Its not easy being green
-Kermit the Frog