pic: Another one from way, WAY up

Pic looking down at all five fields and the FLL tournament. HOLY VERTIGO!!

Now THAT’S an awesome view!
How did you get access to this vantage point (or would you rather not say!! :wink: )

This is yet another photo taken by our esteemed team photographer, Guy Johnson. He has given me his first (FIRST?) batch of 200 images from Atlanta. He shot over 1000 pictures in all. I will post a few more of the really good ones on CD in the coming days and weeks. We will also post some of them on our team site at www.nac93.org.

We would like to make all these pics available to any team/individual who wants them but the cost woudl be astonomical if every team requested a disk. If you are serious about wanting a copy of these images (sorry, we can’t sort them as that would be a monumental task) we will scale them down a bit in size (currently about 10MB each), put them on a disk or two, and mail them to you. Depending on the responses we get to this thread, we will look into what it would cost to do it and recommend a donation for each copy requested. We want to be gracious is sharing them but, financially, can’t afford to be THAT gracious. :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think and we’ll get the wheels turning!


Guy was given about an hour each day out on the catwalks of the dome. He shot mostly of Galileo since that was the field we were on but also took pics of other teams/fields. He’s got a way with people that get him into some cool spots for taking pictures.


Sounds like uncompressed tiffs you are talking about. If you JPEG compress them at like 70% quality, it will be pretty good and cut it down to about 500kB each. I doubt anyone needs uncompressed images. If you do do that and you still can’t find enough webspace, i’d be willing to give you guys enough to host a good couple hundred of em at bout 500kB each (as long as they aren’t too good and everyone wont go and dl them at the same time)

:ahh: I see me, the kid with the shirt, on the left next to that guy with the same shirt, curie stands, hope u can see me. Awsome shot, best ive ever seen of the fields r u coming out with some more? Can u see ur team or name another team?

I’ll post more as I get time to sort them, scale them down and upload them. I also have to make good on a promise to Andy Baker to get some to him ASAP. Sorry CD community, you will all have to wait on Baker once again! :slight_smile:

All right. I’ll post a few more tonight. Baker can wait until tomorrow. Stay tuned!


10 megs! I have an 8mp digital camera and each pic is like 4 megs. What camera is he using?

Holy mary mother of jesus that is an AMAZING pic! Few questions:

  1. What camera did he use?
  2. How do you get permission to get up there?

I would be interested in a cd, if its not to much trouble. You can never have to few pictures… whether or not they are organized and ever able to be found again. I need to find your team next year and stick with your photographer, I wanted to go on the catwalk hehe.

Now that is an awsome shot. It must have been really hairy up there taking that pic, seeing how its so high up. :ahh:

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Check this out:




holy crap… you would never catch me up that high… i get scared when i stand up…

stands up and freaks out

AH! AH! looks again AH! DEAR GOD!

I’m afraid of heights, and that would just kill me! I can’t even look at that! He must be atleast 180 feet up.

BTW, Nice new avitar Mike, gotta love Family Guy. :slight_smile:

i’ll have to meet up with him too, i’d love getting these catwalk views!!!

Permission… HA!! The security at that level in the dome were so laidback, that anyne could have gotten up there.
When I was in the top part of the stands, I was in the area near the ladder to the catwalks and the cover on the ladder was off. Hence, I could have gone up there too.

I didn’t, but I’m just saying… I could have.

You can send in a request form to FIRST for a V.I.P. Media pass (this is differant than the standard media pass your team got). You have to send in a resume with your credentials about 3 months ahead of time.

people seem to be asking what kind of camera this is quite a bit. I am not certan, but a 10MB file souns like a Canon EOS-1Ds shooting RAW’s. (11.1 Megapixel) But keep in mind that it is just a guess.

On the other hand, it could be a drum scan :wink: