pic: Another pic of Team 930

Here is our robot on our cart before a practice match at sussex.

What do you all think, heres another pic where we are taking out 4 columns of boxes in autonomous at sussex open house

17 bins1.jpg

17 bins1.jpg

It looks very nice :slight_smile:

I have noticed that a lot of teams have the rectangular cube though with the ‘wings’ that stick out by use of pneumatics… did I miss a flyer that had this design? lol :yikes:

Seriously though, great job! :wink:

look at the light real close, theres a nice little surprise

theyve got a tiny little arm next to the light

no it isnt an arm, that is a system that lets the light bob up and down. We can fit under the bar when the light bobs down. It works quite well.

not bad