pic: Another strange thing about Atlanta

OK, you roll up on this traffic light. What do you do? Stop? Go? Punt?

You go fast and turn left, watching out for carriages of course…

You try to hang on the stoplight. Obviously

Uhhhh…Bump to pass?

Check for cops and get away from that intersection ASAP.

ok, you stop for 0 seconds, take caution of one-way traffic, go ahead and stop at the intersection, then blame the programmer for the messed up light.

Get out of your car and run autonomous and see if your car makes it across.

See if your car can win a pushing match with the traffic light.

Take it from someone in the Atlanta Suburbs:

You put your left foot in,
You take your left foot out,
You put your left foot in,
and then you shake it all about.

Go green - plant a tree.

Ok Wayne. Is this just a long exposure? :rolleyes:
Or is that traffic light controlled by a LabView program?
(it was nice to meet you in person at champs)

That intersection screams preload. That’s a jump if I’ve ever seen one. :slight_smile:

I doubt it’s a long exposure–the car in the lower right would probably be a lot blurrier if it was.

And when you get to a light that’s showing all three at once, you call the department that’s supposed to be taking care of that particular traffic light to come fix it, then go when it’s safe.

OK, you roll up on this traffic light. What do you do? Stop? Go? Punt?

I’ll go for the obvious answer:

Take a picture.

Well… I think your supposed to divide by zero (using only simple algebra) and allow the force of the laws of nature breaking to teleport you across.


Go straight turn left?

Well yeah… if it moved at all during the exposure.
But while green and yellow, that car would be stopped with red.
Then the light turns red and the car will get green, by which time the shutter is closed.
I’m still thinking long exposure.

If it were a long exposure, the reflection of the green light in the puddle would most likely have changed too. Just grasping at straws:confused:

If it was a timed exposure, the ‘0’ in the crosswalk signal would not have a consistent look, there at least would be a dim bar across the middle if it crossed 2 seconds

Everyone knows you are supposed to dump balls 20" below the lights for a bonus.