pic: Another Swerve

Looks a bit hollow… You’ll want a belly pan or the like to stiffen the frame (otherwise you’ll have a lot of flex).

Is there a speed encoder on there? I see one for turning… which i think is 1:1.

Source files? This looks cool.

That lightening pattern on the gearboxes look a little too pocketed to me. I’d probably add a little more meat to them there. Aside from that I like it. And as ratdude said, you’ll want a belly pan for added rigidity.

The gearbox pattern might be a little too much, but given the layout it’s probably not fatal. The main thing I would do with that is make the webs going to the big pivot larger (5/16" or even 3/8" wide).

The chassis looks fine to my eyes. The pattern is similar to 971’s patterns this year, and didn’t decrease stiffness noticeable last time I checked in simulation. Given the large square shape, however, adding a wooden bellypan would be to your advantage.

I would be concerned about having the CIM there so near to the ground. In a game with some field obstacles, you could probably rearrange a couple things and move the CIM to the top plate (through the bottom plate). There are several disadvantages (higher CG, cantilevered gears, etc.), but could be necessary.

What is the reduction and fps on that? It appears to be quite zippy, given that I can only see two reductions, neither of which are very extreme.

Yeah, I plan to add one in the end.

Yeah, theres a versa planetary encoder for the turning. Haven’t added the drive encoders. I was only a couple hours into this.

Ill upload this to grabcad later on. Thanks.


This is designed to be an offseason project, so this is assuming a flat field, like in 2014.

Its 1:3.333 with a 3.25 OD wheel. Aroud 18 fps according to JVN’s calculator. This is designed for an offseason project, so it wont weight more than 45-50 lbs. I might slow it down a bit later on.