pic: Another Team 691 Swerve Module

This is a project I did over the summer in order to try to come up with a better swerve module design for my team and practice CAD. This module is held on by the custom clamp in the picture which mounts into the end of a 2x1 aluminum tube (or on the side of any 1 inch tube).

How thick is that tread?

The tread is 1.5" thick on a custom wheel 3" wheel. The wheel can be swapped for a dead-axle 3" colson if I change the shaft from 5/8" to 1/2".

Any reason you can’t run 3/8ths and use the COTS Colson hub? I’d be wary of using the super thin roller bearings in a drivetrain application.


Is the COTS hub you’re referring to the stock delrin bushings, or the WCP hub?

Sorry for not responding earlier, there isn’t any reason that prevents me from doing that, it would simply require the hole to be drilled out and the shaft replaced with a 3/8" bolt.

I hadn’t done something like that initially because I was testing out the feasibility (from a design point of view) of having the module hold itself together as if it were one single piece. In this case the axle was actually a tube that fit into counter-bores on the two side plates, the intent was to make the shaft a structural member. This was done with the rest of the module by having the parts fit into slots or holes that would hold their positions instead of fasteners.

For this module only the 2 larger bolts going through the top are necessary to hold the module together and the other large bolt on the bottom just helps “strengthen” the shaft if the game required it (bumps, falling, etc…).

You can still do a 3/8 tube axle and just tap the ends. I like the idea of using the bottom axle to make the module more rigid. You can’t be too rigid with this kind of design!

I hadn’t thought of doing that, that would actually be quite elegant if it is strong enough.