pic: Another triple play?

A design that was inspired by mike-punkrawker303 (thanks mike). I knew (http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/pictures.php?s=&action=single&picid=9233&direction=DESC&sort=date&perrow=4&trows=3&quiet=Verbose) this would be useful at some point of time. A vex robot that I made to demo at Mayhem @ the Museum.

nice job fin. thanks for the credit. one question what ports are the motors set to?

Thanks to Ary’s baby tetra…I felt like I should make my own…now all I need is a VEX kit :wink:

So how well does it work compared to a full size FRC bot? Looks great too.

Right now I am using port 2, 3, and 4… I am thinking about moving the port 4 one.

… to answer your question Conor, It’s a lot of fun to drive it around. It took me few tries to get to perfect position to pick up the tetra when I first started playing around with it, but now it’s way better. I think I am going to video tape it and upload it here. Comparing to a FIRST bot, this robot is effective. Looks like Division by Zero or Thunderchickens. The difference is mine is a 4 wheel drive. :slight_smile:

Nice job Arefin.Looks very nice. Don’t let me get down to Florida because I will bring that thing back with me

absolutely beautiful, i love how the arm can pick up a tetra on both sides

Ima gunna hug it. I love hugging robots!!

Its such a cutie… def takes after its maker :wink:

so then fin didnt make it!?! =p

jk fin… nice job… once i get a job im picking up a kit too… once i move down to FLA “I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUAL!!!”

It looks good Fin, can’t wait to drive it a little bit at Mayhem @ the Museum :wink:

Keep up the good work and see you arround.

Arefin, that vex bot is so cool!!!
I wanna see it at Mayhem@the Museum!!!

it’s so cute! lol