pic: another view of Moose

Very interesting arm.
What is the purpose of the “flipper doddles”; made up word for the aluminum pieces on top of your arm.

Also, what does the drill-motor/red roller do?

I’m not a part of the team but they probably extend so they can hang from the bar.

The flipper doodles (will have to suggest this to the team as the new official name for them) are used to climb. Our arm goes vertical, extends up and the flipper doodles grab the rung to climb. The drill motor is used to power our intake. It is a 1/2in hex shaft with some 2 7/8th bane bot wheels and surgical tubing flaps.

This year we tried to develop as much functionality into one main component as we could. So we ended up developing this arm. It helps us go over the categories A and C defenses, allows us to climb and score in the low bar, all weighing in at less than 25 lbs. So our practice robots arm can be our with oldie allowed e to use as a spare part. The whole arm cam be swapped in about 5 minutes if needed. Perfect for timeouts during elims.

What are you using to actuate the entire system? DART Actuator?

It is a linear actuator. However because the dart actuator is rather expensive (at least for us) we went out and got a linear actuator from princess auto down the road. It happened to be almost a perfect swap for a bag motor, has built in limit switches (which we re wired to go to the roborio, not the motor). Including the bag motor it cost us around $120-$130 canadian.