pic: Any ideas for ways of putting bumpers on

Does anyone have any ideas for our team to put on bumpers any ideas are helpful.

Not sure if you’re the same person who posted this on /r/frc, but I post the same advice that the commenter over there gave.

http://i.imgur.com/nrzXmTA.jpg (you may have to zoom out)

“[You] can bracket the front from the mounting holes (arrows). Doesn’t need to be parallel to the ground, but does need to cover the front corner.”

You should be OK having the bumper angled up with the front of the threads as far as Robot rule 4.2 R2 goes. I believe bumpers can be 4-12 inches above the ground, if I am not mistaken.

With R2 you are correct.

Now my question, how would you go about getting 8 inches from each corner with the threads in the way? We had the idea of an L bracket, but without having the treads with us, we are not sure how easy this would be.

If you put that together, i’m sure you can work out a way to get bumpers on it:rolleyes:

Andy Baker mentioned in this post that AM should a mounting kit available by 1/25.

You might want to look into this thread for some ideas:

Out of stock/Not available at the moment

But shows some potential methods of bumper attachment

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If you run this chassis as is pictured, do you need bumpers on the front?

If so, do they need to be a minimum of 8" each?

Yes. And yes.

AndyMark sells a bumper kit for the Rhino treads