pic: Anyone else cutting it this close on bag and tag night? :)

Yikes, cant see the pic!

Nice job guys :yikes:

Man, we thought we were cutting it close at 11:20 PM…


It would be more epic if the computer said 00:00:01. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great photo! Thanks for sharing it!

Yep, 11:59 :yikes:

11:59, 2 years now. At least we didn’t have anybody working in the bag with the robot this year. :smiley:

We waited to bag it until pretty close, but not nearly that close. We bagged ours at 11:11, which was mostly unintentional until somebody noticed that it was that time, and we wound up rushing to put on the zip ties before it changed.

I would have waited for 11:14.

Seems like a waste of 26 quality robot building seconds :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I hope your bumpers were part of the 30 lb allotment, else those had to be wrapped up too.

So what is the new deal with bags and tags? What happend to the old days of wraping the 300 pound box and putting it on the truck?