pic: Apache Helicopter Animation


It seemed everyone liked my car when i posted it so i figured people might like this as well. This is an apache helicopter that i decided to do after the car for fun. I did it with a growing interest in helicopter mechanics, especially after watching an incredible video of a remote controlled helicopter a man did a full animated assembly of. (google video on “solidworks”, if anyone feels like watching this, please post the link for anyone else to see) There is no interior, but it is constrained for everything to work properly, and was done in one night and a half (FAR better than the car, eish).

Following this i started reading a book called “The Helicopter-History, Piloting, & How it Flies” by John Fay. Many of the mechanisms are quite incredible, and ive built a few of them such as the swash plate, spider system, and a few of the shock absorbers to get a feel for how they really work. Rebuilding these on a CAD system not only furthers my experience, but has given me a better understanding of how some of these marvels really work and feel.

That is cool…hms “jump on it” by Apache

I agree, that’s an awesome model.

However, the song is called “Apache” by The Sugarhill Gang. :smiley:

hahaa that song does rock. now i have to go get it.

well, here comes the EDIT: heres the link i wanted to present:

(i did not do that one, but oh so how much i wish i did)

And the first thing I thought of was the web server…


LOL same!
nonetheless (i think its one word :s ) its really good. approx how long did that take to make?

Wow, that is just an incredible animation. AAAAAA++++++

most excellent model. much more impressive then your car. keep up the good work :ahh:

sweet model and animation. how did u figure out what went where? anyways A+++++++++++

That was simply amazing, WOW! How you figured out how to do that is beyond me, from the CAD to the amazing animation. WOW! :eek: :ahh:

From what the caption says, he didn’t make the animation from the google video link. However, I’m very impressed with the amount of research and studying that went into creating this model. Excellent job once again. :slight_smile:

very nicely done

thankyou for clarifying that calhounian.