pic: Archimedes Scouting: OPR vs. Robot Performance

A graphical representation of Archimedes teams’ OPRs versus the average points they actually contributed during qualifications.
-each circle is a team.
-the size of the circle represents their OPR. the bigger the circle, the higher the OPR.
-the color represents the average points they scored in each of their qualification matches. The colors are scaled on a max-min range, not rank. Blue is more points, orange is fewer points.

Have you considered a scatter plot?

While there is a definite correlation between OPR and performance, as I read this, in order to find the #2 scoring team (top left), you would have had to reach down to about #12 or #15 in OPR.

Where did you get “the average points they actually contributed”? From manual scouting?

The fact that there are only 4 blue circles rather than a full spectrum from red to blue indicates a dropoff in points actually contributed. However, there is a pretty good variety of circle sizes, so it seems like there wasn’t a large dropoff in OPR. Would it be possible to get a scatterplot of this for clarity?

I do have a scatter plot, I’ll put it up tonight!
Oh, and the color is based on manual scouting data. It takes into account all aspects of autonomous and teleop scoring, excluding co-op.

I’m guessing there was a dropoff in points scored because a good robot that can score 3x capped stacks in qualifications will have a high OPR, but in playoff they won’t necessarily have 3 cans and 18+ totes to use because they are sharing them with the other high scoring team on their alliance.

Playoff scores were higher on average, but a really good robot’s individual contribution doesn’t have much room to grow.

Edit: I mis-read the description of the graph, I thought it was circle size=qual OPR, color=playoff average contribution.