pic: Are you ready for IRI?


Don’t be surprised to see this at IRI :stuck_out_tongue:

Totally ingenious; stationary structure while the actual claw moves. Pretty incredible and daring if you ask me.

Very nice rebuild. The lift will be noticeably faster now.

I look forward to playing with you this weekend.

Very impressive, I wonder how many other teams rebuilt a significant portion of their robot (anyone else wanna share?). 548 just tweeked and made a few improvements. Should be a fun weekend, see you there!

Nice try, Katie. I’m not so easily fooled. :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are the same rc car tires, but different rims than we used… Which I know 1323 happened to sell to a certain team that isn’t 1675… Claw looks pretty familiar as well…

1625 looking for another win?

This past Saturday 1732 had a practice day with 1675 and I gotta say its a pretty cool robot. While the elevator isn’t quite as fast as 469’s, its close and still plenty fast and has a very effective (and unique) roller gripper. While it is very risky rebuilding a new robot, I think there is a good chance they pull it off.

Eh, Whatever. Certainly Prepared for IRI either way. :wink:

I guess you can count on me as one that was easily fooled. Nice robot though. Some of the robots this year have reminded me of my glory days back in '07.


let’s just say we officially gave our robot the v2 and did someone say ball screw?

Very curious if you used a ball screw, I’ll have to come check that out!

wait till you see the brake, it makes it sound even cooler

Now where have I seen that before… :stuck_out_tongue:

Can this reach the top peg? It seems the elevator can only reach the maximum height of the starting configuration. I assume I’m missing something?

The elevator as shown is not in starting configuration.

alternatively of could have been redesigned with IRI in mind, where most alliances will have a team which can pretty much fill the high row and where the bottom row is also worth 2

we tweaked our lift to take a second or so off the time to go bottom to top and we made a new deployment system.

Yes it can.

Looking really nice UPS! Is it still the same drivebase?

no more of those silly wheels :stuck_out_tongue: