pic: Arefin and Tytus at the Webhug

Arefin serves as Tytus’ segway once again. God I love these guys so much… I miss them already.

haha, thats a great picture. It was a good time hanging with those guys at champs. Who know’s i might even make a appearance down in FL possibly in the time frame of early June?

Can i get a ride next, I’ll pay $1 and give you a cookie.

Tytus needs a haircut

Umm, guys, the stacking game was last year. Toss the Genia is much more appropriate for Aim High.

The 3rd instance of Tytus using Arefin as a mode of transportation, and they are still wearing, the same thing. Coincidence?

No, not coincidence. They are the married couple.
Although I heard at the team social that they are filing for a divorce. But I think Arefin is having trouble getting Tytus to sign the papers. :stuck_out_tongue:

its not that i wont sign the papers its that they cant read my handwriting on them.

And i dont need a haircut.

wow the resolution of this picture is so good that you can even see the burn burns on my arm

Isn’t that the truth…I was wondering who signed off on some of the robot inspection sheets from the Galileo division—but I managed to find one where I could just make out the signature “TYTUS”.

After that, it all made sense…:smiley: