pic: Arefin cake'd


YA, i needed some payback.

now here was some fun @ arefin’s house…arefin seems to always find a way to get other ppl w/ cake so yeah tytus def. got him back… :stuck_out_tongue: yay for tytus!!

all wellz…made a bit of mess but that’s all right…

happy b-day arefin again…

Hey Arefin, that’ll make a nice WAI pic! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure there’s others who’ll agree with me. All in favor say “I” ! :wink:


But it needs more duct tape. :smiley:

This is great!

I think I ought to show this to poor Isaac, the freshman on our team who was subjected to a brownie in the face at the team social in Atlanta.


“What goes around, comes around.”


i think the frosting suits him. happy after bday fin =)

Caked in my 234 shirt :slight_smile:

Happy 19th Arefin, hope it was a good one :]

ahhhh! i bet it tastes better now

Arefin. you can wait to eat the cake like a civilized person! lol. jk.
Happy b-day fin! :smiley:

Arefin, I envy that 234 shirt!

Lol Kyle, Arefin has a closet full of team shirts. The cake was good I enjoyed it but I don’t think nearly as much as Arefin did. Tytus owed him one.

-Drew :]

I have more pitty for the cake.

haa haaa… good one barry…the poor cake very poor cake…

i didn’t try it so i dunno it was good or not…all i know it wasn’t that much fun to clean up…