pic: Arefin can do 12, too.


This actually happened the morning of the IRI Krispy Kreme Challenge …

… but did it really happen? There’s no video of this 1-man challenge. Only Arefin and I will ever really know.

So did you really eat them?

awwww thats mean :stuck_out_tongue:

jesh fin, im sure ya cold easily do 60 easily. :smiley:

man, i have never tried 12 KKs at one sitting before, but from my experience, it seems to be pretty hard…even though Mr. Lavery showed us differently in his showdown with Amanda… :cool:

(you see, arefin stood there, still, with the box for two minutes and never realized the donuts were missing – meanwhile, dave lavery stands behind him with a huge smirk on his face)

I dont think he did it, I know Arefin I dont think he could stomach it.

mmm…lets just say it’s good he ate something since he doesn’t eat always…

did he really eat them all…that’s a good ?.. hmmm…

So now, not only does Brandon and Arefin know the story, but I also know the story behind Arefin’s eating of the donuts…And it comes as follows:

Mechman108: the real truth is… I never ate 12 kks
Mechman108: I ate 1
DaleJrFan185: where did the other 11 go to?
Mechman108: when i was eating the first one brandon took the first picture
Mechman108: then he was like grab an empty box
Mechman108: i did
Mechman108: and he took the 2nd picture
Mechman108: the 11 in the box went under the scoring table
Mechman108: lol
Mechman108: wtih a gallon of orange juice

(mechman108= Arefin, DaleJrFan185=myself)

So now we all know the truth…Arefin is not Dave. :cool:

scoot 4tw*!!!

*4 teh win

i think there needs to be a similar challenge at Brunswick Eruption on November 19th, so how about it anyone think they can stand up to the black hole that is my stomach?

How about it Dave, or are you as yellow bellied as that Thunder Chicken Mr. Copi oil

haha, thanks Harry… :wink:

if you know arefin well enough…you could have figured out the truth really fast…

arefin just won’t become dave…always will be a wanna be :stuck_out_tongue:
(just teasing of course)

Funny that Arefin himself hasnt posted here! :smiley:

ok we can confirm it now, he mentioned it not once, but twice!

Me: you should enter my doughnut contest
Arefin: whats that
Me: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39103&page=2&pp=15
Me: read the bottom post
Me: going to the next page
Arefin: hahaha
Arefin: dude i didnt eat all those 12 donuts
Arefin: and i dont eat normally
Arefin: so i wont win for sure
Arefin: I ate ONE of those kks
Arefin: and brandon was like grab that empty box