pic: Arefin playing with my toys

this is what arefin does when he comes over to my house

You know, not only is this exceptionally frightening but it would make a reeeeeally funny Caption Contest. Oh Billllllfredddddd :smiley:

Oh Tytus come out come out where ever you are. . .

Arefin, it’s scary to see how serious you look with that nerf gun in your hands.

It almost looks as if you feel that you have superpowers or something.

It’s a very nice “tough guy” look.

As long as Arefin is doing something that we (The Tigertrons) would do he is fine, however, if he is shooting Nerf missiles at little children or doing similar acts of violence, then the Tigertrons take no responsibility for his actions.


so this is what you guys did when i was in the library doing calculus…take me next time!! blah! i need to move back to the east coast!!! :cool:
i need to find time to have fun

Wait! No safety glasses!!! :ahh:

My conversation with Brad about 2 minutes ago…

Mechman108: yo
Bsr Tunk Pa: yo
Mechman108: thats something tigertrons do
Mechman108: DURH!
Bsr Tunk Pa: lol
Bsr Tunk Pa: yeah, we did/do some pretty crazy stuff
Bsr Tunk Pa: like shoot apples at trees
Mechman108: lol
Bsr Tunk Pa: and launch water balloons in full parking lots
Mechman108: ah ok
Mechman108: you know this is going on chiefdelphi right?
Bsr Tunk Pa: lol
Mechman108: and here it goes…

I only wear safety glasses when I am in the pit or the machine shop. I do have my safety glasses with me. :slight_smile:

the real question is what are they shooting at?

I do not know anything about the issues Arefin is describing; funny he would post such non-sense because even if such events did occur they were non-violent.

Ok, maybe we do launch water balloons or apples or rocks for that matter, but in this particular picture it doesn’t appear to be in a parking lot, but rather on a driveway. Oh, wait I forgot the part where the water balloons went over the cars.


All I can say is…if I was there and Ary had one of those…he would probably shoot me repeatedly. :stuck_out_tongue:

not the way he was shooting he was too weak to pull down the trigger.

Not my fault, if the ball bearing would stick into the trigger and not let me push it, if I hold it at a 45 degree angle.

At least he color co-ordinated his attire with the gun…
That is what made James bond so cool…

So… I guess… Fin is kinda cool? :ahh: