pic: Arizon Regional Panoramic

Here are about 7 pictures from Thursday that I pieced together in photoshop.

Wow, that’s cool. Did you use the Photomerge thing in Photoshop CS or do it by hand? It’s awesome either way. I should do this in Silicon Valley.

looks alot like buckeye, but smaller

Boy do I wish I had photoshop CS…I did it by hand in Photoshop 7
If your going to do this it’s a lot better if you use a tripod and just spin the camera…I got my last 3 pictures crooked so i had to cut the whole panoramic down. I am definantly taking a tripod to Chicago.

Sorry if I labeled anyone incorrectly but I think I got it right.

http://team696.org/images/phoenix panoramic.jpg

Just a note, this picture (or at lease one part of it) is not from Thursday since I wasn’t wearing a green shirt until Friday.

Wow, you must have amazing eyes. I couldn’t even pick out which team was 330, let alone individual people.

Noted. Look for the SVR panorama in a couple weeks.

Wow, it looks like they had the perfect oppurtunity to give you guys double the pit size that is there, but just didn’t.
I would bring that up in the post comp. discussion dealing with this particular regional. Maybe next year you can have double the size of your pits. There really is nothing stopping this that I see.

NJ was set up the same, but one end behind the pits was for crates.

Where were the crates stored at this Regional?

Yeah I know. I really wish there could have been more. I know they like to be consistent between regionals but heck, why not give a little when you have a little to give. Anyway, they were actually asking teams to practice Gracious Nonexpansionalism in the Pit Area. Okay, not in that exact wording but I sure like the way it sounds. You can walk up to a team with an overflowing pit and point at them and yell “You malicious expansionalist!” :smiley:

LOL, you’re such a nut!!!
with remarkable eyes - you got it right!
All of those are some of my favorite people.
i wouldn’t have seen them without you pointing the way. Thanks!

Here’s a pic of the Chesapeake Regionals Pit area. I didn’t have the foresight to usea tripod, so it’s not the best quality.


This would be an excellent project for you to do at Nationals for this year…

I would love to see that.

Woohoo!! Thats me! Yay! But, i think the guy you labeled as Mark MIller is Bryan Campbell, Rolleyes come on Dave, get it right. LOL, j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a great picture. Will you allow us to use it on our website and to attract potential sponsors?
Thanks in advance!

Someone actually did that and took a panaramic picture of the stands from the Einstein stage during Nationals in 2001 I believe it was. I have the picture on another computer I can upload if I remember. It was an awesome picture.

I’d love to see that.

We would be honored if you used our pictures on your website. I also plan on taking some panoramas at Midwest and Nationals if possible.

And I give you PANORAMIC NATIONALS 2001…


Thanks, dude! All due credit has been given along with a link to your award-winning Website!