pic: arm system

A picture of the arm drive system (a question was asked on how it works, so i’m posting this picture so people can see it better)

Looks Familiar…:wink:

We’ll see you in San Diego. It would be kind of cool if we were paired together in the same match; Some might even think we collaborated.

Can we still use the black Fisher-Price motors? I thought the new, white ones were the only legal ones in the competition this year…?

Looks cool though.

I think there was something this year about some teams getting black gearboxes and some getting white.

Those are just the gear box part of the FP.

we totally built ours first! haha, jk! Very nice job on your own, i look forward to seeing it in person!

why the two separate gear ratios between the FP motors and the arm/lift?


I think one moves that bottom shaft, and the one running up, moves another joint?

right, we wanted the upper arm to move faster than the lower arm