pic: Art and the Mountain Dewbot!

So you want to recruit new sponsors for your team? Just build them a robot! :smiley:

Here’s the Mountain Dewbot, which was designed and built by father and myself at our house for the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge, a ski/snowboard race sponsored by its namesake company. Here were are pictured with the robot, along with the rest of the “Dew Crew”, who were so impressed by our work, that they are sending pictures of this “all the way down to corporate”!

I certainly had fun building (and playing with) my latest toy! :smiley:

That looks great, I hope it works out for you guys and get a sponsor ship. What are some of the specs on how it works and what it dose?

Pepsi (the owners of Mountain Dew) sponsor 71, wouldn’t be out of the question.

those treads look like they could play some mean D in a FIRST competition.

That pic just wouldn’t be complete without the bunny-ears.

Wait, didn’t MD do this a while ago in their commercials? The one bot that went around and almost killed a guy by pegging him repeatedly in the groin with high pressure launched cans? Cool bot nonetheless.


7-Up. :wink:

Thanks! Inside the beast are two AndyMark single-speed trannies, each with dual small CIM motors. The electrical system is more or less FRC-legal; we use a slightly different, but much lighter 40amp Maxi-block in addition to dual 12v Exide batteries in parallel to increase our running time. We use a several Spikes to control the other functions on the robot, such as the sound system and cold cathodes.

They are snowmobile treads, and have an unbelievable amount of friction on almost every imaginable surface known to mankind, especially high-traffic carpet.

Looks Great. I like the innovative and extreme effort you put into this fundraising effort.

If you get the sponsorship though, please try to avoid logo confusion with the team who’s logo was inspired by a Mountain Dew Box: the RoboDAWGS of Grandville and Byron Center, Michigan. There have been a few discussions over the years about whether they should ask for sponsorship from the Pepsi people, but nothing ever came from it.

it looks really good, great job!!!

that was 7-Up and was built by Jamie Hyneman of the Mythbusters!

Our family has already been good friends with the Dew Crew of the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge races for many years now. Many of my friends can attest to the amount of free Mountain Dew stuff that is given to us that I share with everyone. Building the Dewbot isn’t a conventional way of recruiting sponsors, but we believe it will be extremely successful for our team.

We already have several members of the Dew Crew interested in attending several of the offseason FRC competitions in New England, just because of the Dewbot. Before the event, we emailed several of the Dew Crew members who we are good friends with telling them that we would be bring up “a robot” to the MDVC Finals. Those emails were forwarded a lot around Pepsi Marketing apparently, as there was an executive from PepsiCo that flew out from Colorado just to see our robot, of which he was extremely impressed. :smiley:

Also, I don’t think there would be any logo confusion if we did get the sponsorship, as the Dewbot is a public relations robot and not our FRC robot. We’ll still keep our team name of Gus. :wink: