pic: Assistant Coach & Team Member working together :)


I spot two minor safety hazards.

Loose & dangling ties!
(well, that is just me, I still remember my shop teacher yelling at us about this over thirty years ago)

I thought the same thing Rich. lol

Great minds think alike? :smiley:

Anyways, our policy where I work is anyone who works on machinery is excused from wearing a tie (when we were required to wear ties back in the day).

I would suggest to this team to implement the same type of policy for safety’s sake.

Other than that, it’s a great example of Teamwork!
Good to see!

Ties are MEANT to be YANKED! AND Mutilated … It can even happen in English class … (I went to Catholic school…) (AND survived!)
But I agree it COULD be an accident waiting to happen… from now on… wear Clip Ons.


From the “shop teacher” (Techonolgy Teacher) also roll up your long sleeve. We like to be called Technology Teacher.

I’m glad you all take robot building as a dressy occasion… I guess building a robot is kind of like it being born so… yeah I can see dressing up.

Watch your hands around that drill… the big bits poke through pretty hard.

So uhm, what are the big holes for?


Speaking from personal experience are we? :eek:

If that hole is slip fit for a shaft, drilling at an extreme angle like that wont do you any good. It helps to look from above, as drilling straight will be easier.