pic: At Outback after FL Regional

Just us waiting to be seated at Outback Steakhouse after the Florida regional. We went with 1902 - Exploding Bacon so there was A LOT of people who needed to be seated. Thanks to 1902 for letting us join you.

left to right - Me, Arefin, Marcus, Tytus, Jaine

Looks like the Florida regional was pretty Hard Core with an even more insane after party!

That was only half of us. The other five were sitting on the other bench. So not pictured: Billfred, Mary Badame, Barry Bonzack, Wendy from 1345, Imad (RoboMadi)


UCF was indeed crazy… and full of fun, friends, and FIRST of course.


I must have been off trying to get the keys out of my locked car.

Oh you goofy Floridians.

I gotta hand it to you all. I watched the regional via webcast. (Has anyone else noticed how awesome the webcasts have become over the years?) We sent some of our best New England teams, and you guys managed to hold them off! Im proud of ya! Oh…and take care of Jaine, our New Englander gone astray :wink:

See ya at championships!


Seems like they’re just paying respects to Floppie the Banjo Clown.

Wayne, the floridians you see in the picture has enough common sense to make sure not to do something stupid like that and put it up on a public forum. Not to mention, 3 of the people in that picture are college students/mentors. Also, what you mentioned would draw more attention to something totally different than what is there in the picture, specially since it’s considered crude. I apologize if you are offended by the picture, if you feel that it should be removed please send me or Michelle Celio a pm, since we both have almost same exact WAIs. Thank you.

Thank you Andy, it was a great regional. The new england teams did give us lot of hard time on the field. They had some incredible robots.

… and yup, see you at championship.

sorry i had to leave early, i should have come if you guys would have asked, (Barry was the only one in that group who would have, because he was the only one i knew well at the time. Now I know EVERYONE :slight_smile: ! )