pic: Atlanta 2006 - Pit Entrance

This is the lower level of GWCC building C on Thursday morning just prior to opening 2006. Be sure to click on the photo to see a much larger size.

Can anybody say “Find Waldo”? :wink: hahaha we’re in there somewhere. Look hard!!

ooooh the nostalgia… :stuck_out_tongue:

i found waldo!

Thank goodness I was able to enter through the volunteer entrance. There are some perks to being a robot inspector.

I see London, I see France,

I see SparX!!

Behind the back-right Pillars.

This is actually one of my favorite moments of competition.
It is better than opening a big giant present that you were hoping for.
The energy, anticipation, and even the wait - seeing all of the teams gathering and readying - it’s just so cool.

It was my First Nationals. I was mystified by all the people there. I also I scrolled up to see if there were any sparks :rolleyes: