pic: Atlanta 2009 Einstein Panorama

I took this at the start of eliminations on Einstein from the right corner behind the field. Feel free to contact me for the higher resolution/quality version (CD has a 2mb upload limit)

I love the team colors in the background.
They remind me of tulip fields in Holland!

Nice picture. (click, saved) Thanks Mike.

do you mean holland mi?

Whoa that is so cool! I love the colors!!!:smiley:

I love how it represents AMERICA all the different cultures coming together!!

Its amazing how many people/teams thier are in the WORLD that do what we do!

Ooh! I see Jack in the Hat and me! :slight_smile: Seriously!
Great picture, Mike!

The waves were so much fun and so cool to watch. Amazing experience.

The Holland Garden Club Anual Flower Show is one of the best!



That is an amazing picture! That, coupled with other pictures that show all the teams together really make me want to go to Atlanta. Unfortunately, my team has never even one a quaterfinal in which we’ve been in a regional, and no one has ever signed us up for open registration. Hopefully next year…?

I think you mipselled “Skagit Valley Tulip Festival”](http://www.tulipfestival.org/)

I love Mr. Moore - smack dab in the front on the left, haha!