pic: Atlanta Geocaching

I opened up Google Earth for no particular reason (ADHD kicking in: Noticed Google Earth button on my Google Toolbar… Wondered… Clicked it… It’s just an invitation to download it… Already have it…)

Noticed an “Atlanta, GA, USA” link under “My Places”… (I Don’t remember putting it there…) Clicked it… Zoomed in… Whoa! Look! There are geocaches near the GWCC! Wooo! (I didn’t know they would show up without launching the “Geocaching Network KML”)

OK. So who Geocaches? (Who knows what Geocaching is? Find out on Geocaching.com.) Anyone interested in going Geocaching with me?

MY dad and I have been considering for some time getting a portable GPS just so we could go try it when we are together for holidays. Never followed through with it because they are still pretty expensive. If we get a group together to go, and if its during a lunch period and I’m not too busy I may be interested.

Hmm, I might be tempted to look for the multi in centennial park during the social, but most of the rest either look too far for easy walking or are actually virtual caches.

The close ones are PROBABLY not within easy lunchtime walking distance, so I was thinking of either evening or early morning. Haven’t figured out yet which day(s).

they do seem a bit far but I may go during the wrap-up. We’ve only hit 15 caches so far, but its fun to go to some far-out places.

Almost went to a couple in our vacation when we stopped at Aruba, but we didn’t want to rent a car, so it was a bit of a hike and we didn’t think we’d have enough time before the boat left.