pic: Atlanta Skyline from Westin Peachtree

I got a new camera the week before championships, and our 39th-floor hotel room provided a nice place to test out the long exposure capabilities.

Nice Photo :slight_smile:

Excellent picture!
How long an exposure time? Tripod?

30 second exposure, sitting on the bedside table in my hotel. I haven’t gotten a nice tripod for it yet, so I’ve had to improvise :slight_smile:

Wow! Love it.

That’s such a nice picture! I love city skylines at night.

Anything MacGyver worthy?

I’ve used old stock metal from previous KoP’s with a 1/4-20 bolt sticking out the top for some videos.

Not with this camera, but in the past I sawed a plastic ketchup bottle in half (they’re laminated! who know?), put a bolt and washer through the bottom, and duct-taped the remnants to the rollcage of my racecar to get a video camera mounted in a hurry.